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Oil on canvas
50″ x 36″
Price upon request

This painting is not technically “on the easel”. I created it a few years ago but I am sharing it because, though not new,it is currently on my mind. It also has a good story.


Years past, I had done a painting of a woman as a rag doll. The piece was even exhibited in a show about dolls. But something about the work bothered me. I wanted to destroy it and reuse the canvas, but couldn’t quite bring myself to do it. Why? Because I absolutely adored the chunky legs and especially the yellow shoes.


What did I do? I zapped out almost everything but those shoes and built an entirely new image. I kept some of the zippy background, and added in the dog. And so was created “Girl with Dog.” It is like an illustration but I love this work. It is so ME.


The lesson: Be brave! Remember, it is only a painting, and if it doesn’t work, you can try again. When we are brave, when we go for broke, we can be our best selves. Since everything we are is reflected in what we do, the bravery here is felt in the boldness and freshness of this colorfully joyous work. Hope you can see it too!

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