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Madeline and Her Husbands

A Love Story in Five Acts

When Rachel Bern names her firstborn daughter Madeline, she is thinking of the Madeline of storybook fame who is a born leader. Little does she expect that her brilliant and diligent offspring will excel in another realm: romance.


Madeline and Her Husbands: A Love Story in Five Acts by artist Carolyn Schlam is a contemporary novel, which tells of Madeline’s lifelong search for perfect love. Like all quests, it takes her into unexpected and challenging situations, as she samples a different kind of love with each of her five husbands.


Rachel and other family members offer support to Madeline as she carries on with her peripatetic life, constantly striving to make the best out of every situation, even as her relationships come to their inevitable conclusions. A veritable warrior of love, our heroine is an inspiration and a delight. Madeline and Her Husbands is comfort food for the romantically hungry reader and is guaranteed to provoke lively discussion in book clubs.


Madeline and her Husbands: now available on Amazon.

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Madeline and Her Husbands - A love store in five acts