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The Joy of Art

How to look at, Appreciate and Talk about Art

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INTERVIEW WITH STEPHANIE STORY, author and television producer


“One way to really know someone’s true character is to visit a museum and look at art with them. With Carolyn Schlam’s The Joy of Art in hand, you will be led through a joyous discovery of art through the centuries as seen through the eyes and insights of an artist and educator who accumulatively reveals the literal and the mysterious building blocks that make art a viewing pleasure for the eyes and the soul.”


JIMMY WRIGHT, artist, National Academician, and president of the Pastel Society of America


The most amazing book I’ve ever read about how to truly acquire skills in evaluating art. I’m a visual artist and I possess quite an extensive library of art books but none that do the job this one does in clearly explaining the history of Western Art and providing the practical tools to dramatically increase your visual IQ. I only wish I had this book 20 years ago. Whether you are an artist, art appreciator or art collector this book will pull all the art knowledge fragments you have floating around in your head into a clear concise unified understanding of what you are actually looking at.


I also found the book to be a portal into exploring unknown artists, particular works, styles and art periods. If I wanted to dive deeper into any subject I found keeping my iPhone handy gave me quick access to jumping off into some rather deep rabbit holes of art. The author’s style was fun, fresh and extremely informative.


JOHN HUDETZ, Photographer and Visual Artist


If You Love Art, Then You Will Love This Book. I Liked The Story Behind Each Art Category, And It Gave Me More Reasons To Enjoy The Beautiful Art That I Am Privileged To See Every Day. It Is Not That I Don’t Enjoy Reading About Art, But It Can Sometimes Get Boring After A While. However, This Book Kept Me Reading Through, And I Never Wanted To Stop. It Is Truly An Excellent Book Full Of Valuable Information And Some Amusing Stories.