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The Creative Path Book Cover Art

This painting, called “Alexandra in Bloom” was created for this book.  It is a portrait of my niece Alexandra on her mother’s flowered couch.  I documented the making of this painting over 10 days in 287 time elapsed photographs and a taped transcription of comments I made into a tape recorder in a little plastic bag that was clipped with a clothespin onto my paint apron.  As I made the work, I spoke aloud and at the end of each of the 10 days I transcribed the day’s notes.   The photos and notes were meant for a section of the book to be entitled ‘A PAINTING SPEAKS’.


It proved impossible to get the book published in full color with those 287 photos and in the end, I had to junk this section, and add some alternate text.


But I still have those photos, and the recorded text, and if I had the funding and support, I would love to do this again and make a video version of this project.   The idea was to allow the viewer to watch the painting being made and to fully join in the experience.


Maybe some day…..


In the meantime, Alexandra in Bloom lives on the cover of The Creative Path.  The original is in a storage warehouse along with hundreds of its fellows. It was a joy making them all wherever they ultimately wind up.


If you would like to know more about this, please do get in touch.