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“This thought-provoking examination of the creative process delves into the philosophical, psychological, spiritual, and practical aspects of art making…The challenge, as Schlam points out, is to explain what art is all about.  The paths of life, learning, and creativity are intertwined.”


CALEY CANNON, senior library, arts and culture supervisor, Brand Library & Art Center, Glendale, California.


“What all creative people need is inspiration and an outlet to create.  The Creative Path by Carolyn Schlam provides this outlet.  Carolyn gives words to feelings that most of us do not or cannot express to other people.  Her ability to define the indefinable is a rare gift that gives wings to artists at all levels.  From the aspiring artist to the consummate master, this book is a joyous reveal of artistic intention as seen through the path set forth by Carolyn.  As Carolyn says, “ Art is a pathway to golden moments, times and experiences that stand out like they have been highlighted.”  This is what her book means to me; a golden moment of putting words to thoughts, thoughts to actions, and actions to new beginnings. Artists and those who love the arts will feel refreshed and validated, inspiring them to discover their own fresh moments of creation.  I highly recommend this book.




An every artist’s guide to making art from the inside out, this glimpse behind the process of creating works of art, is filled with anecdotes, sound suggestions and deeply personal insights into the question of where does the work come from?  And more poignantly, how best to allow the art to find the artist.

This is a necessary book, an important book, for anyone whose passion is making art in any field.  A must read.


MICHAEL LEBOWITZ, Photographer and Poet


See attached review of THE CREATIVE PATH by Linda Koffenberger